Mission to Dallol  

Together with David Moreira, Jodie Belilla and Purification Lopez-Garcia from the Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution research unit (ESE, Université Orsay), Jose Maria Lopez-Garcia from the Instituto Geologico y Minero de Espana (Madrid) and Olivier Grunewald, Bernadette Gilbertas and Jacques Barthelemy, we traveled to northern Ethiopia from January 11 to January 26. A first part of the trip was dedicated to sampling in the area of Dallol, populated by numerous hydrothermal ponds which show high salinities, high temperatures and very low pH. One of the goals was to study the limits of Life. The second part of the trip was dedicated to sampling diverse lakes in the Danakil and look for potential bioconstructions.
Analyses are in progress...

On the dome of Dallol, an hydrothermal system in evaporites
From the shore of Lake Bakili
On the shore of Lake Bakili
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Paper in Le Journal du CNRS


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