Phosphorus biogeochemistry  

Phosphorus is central to the functioning of ecosystems as well as many strategies aiming at a sustainable management of environmental resources. Microorganisms have been shown to be major actors in modern and past geochemical cycles of P either as reservoirs and/or catalysts of processes exchanging P between different reservoirs. Over the last years, we have been developing several lines of research about 1) characterization of P species at the nanoscale, 2) polyphosphate formation, 3) biomineralization and fossilization of microbial cells by phosphate minerals

Characterization of P species at the nanoscale

Charaterization of P species by scanning transmission x-ray microscopy (STXM):
- identification of P mineral through Ca and P speciation
(Ca & P L2,3 edges)
- Quantification of carbonate substitution (C K-edge)

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Geochimical impact of polyphosphate and Fe-phosphate  formation

Role and mechanisms of Fe-phosphate biomineralization in Lake Pavin

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Massive formation of polyphosphate by some magnetotactic bacteria in Lake Pavin

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Biomolecular mechanisms of calcification

Kinetics and localization of calcification by E. coli mutants surexpressing alkaline phosphatase phoA

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In silico and in vitro analysis of diverse phosphatases involved in calcification

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Fossilization of bacterial cells by calcification

FIB/TEM/STXM characterization of bacterial fossils in phosphorites/coprolites...
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Medical calcifications

Nanoscale characterization of so-called nanobacteria/microcalcifications

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Bacterial involvement in the formation of some kidney stones
                    Marine Livrozet's PhD


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