Assistant Professor in Solid State Physics

University of Paris “Pierre and Marie Curie”



Jussieu Campus, 75005 Paris, France

Term of Contract


Closing Date

14 November 2008

Position Overview

Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences) in Solid State Physics

We are seeking a well-qualified and ambitious solid state physicist with an established record of research wishing to work in a dynamic research group active in the field of strongly correlated electron systems.

You will have the opportunity to:

·         teach general physics and condensed matter physics courses, tutorials and laboratory at both undergraduate BSc and graduate MSc levels

·        develop research in the field of electronic and transport properties of novel transition metal compounds under extreme conditions. Specific topics will be metal-insulator transitions, unconventional superconductivity and orbital physics. The Research will be carried out in the Advanced Materials Group of the Institute for Mineralogy and Condensed Matter Physics (IMPMC) of the Physics Department.

To be the successful applicant you must speak French fluently and have:

·            a PhD or equivalent qualification in solid state physics

·            a good experience in the field of low temperature physics and physical property (specific heat, magnetization, transport) measurements also under high pressure

·           some teaching experience

Administrative requirements and deadlines

Candidates must follow three steps:

1.       apply for the “Qualification de Maître de Conferences” of the French Universities (deadline 14 October 2008)

2.       apply for admission to the candidate selection session (deadline approx. 15 March 2009)

3.      participate in the selection session (approx. 15 May 2009)

Start date

1 September 2009


Professor Andrea Gauzzi

Professor Abhay Shukla


·         University of Paris “Pierre and Marie Curie”

·         Institute for Mineralogy and Condensed Matter Physics  (IMPMC)

·        French Ministry of Education and Research (information on administrative procedures and deadlines)

Nota bene: the opening of the position is subject to confirmation by the French Governement in January 2009.