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I obtained my PhD on Sept, 29th of 2014 in the University Pierre and Marie Curie - UPMC - on the role of transition metal ions in the color of oxide glasses, applied to the study of stained glass woindows. My PhD was supervised by Georges Calas from the Institut de Minéralogie et Physique des Milieux Condensés - IMPMC - and Michel Hérold from the Centre André Chastel.

My research interests focus on the use of spectroscopic tools to investigate the speciation of transition elements in complex matrices. My PhD work focused on the study of the speciation of Co(II) ions in oxide glasses. These results enabled me to better understand the origin of the blue coloration of stained glass windows from Middle Age.

Articles published in peer-reviewed journals (6)

[6] D. Samsoen, C. Bottineau, M.-H. Didier, C. Loisel, L’équipe Convergence, M. Héold,
"La Sainte-Chapelle de Paris, un chantier exemplaire pour des vitraux exceptionnels",
Monumental, (2015) 46-51

[5] M. Hunault, G. Lelong, M. Gautier, F. Gélébar, I. Saindou, L. Galoisy, F. bauchau, C. Loisel, and G. Calas,
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Applied Spectroscopy, Special Issue: Portable Spectroscopy of Applied Spectroscopy, 70 [5] (2016), accepted, issue assigned.

[4] M. Hunault, F. Bauchau, C. Loisel, M. Hérold, L. Galoisy, and G. Calas,
"Spectroscopic Investigation of the Coloration and Fabrication Conditions of Medieval Blue Glasses,"
Journal of the American Ceramic Society,99 [1] 89–97, (2016) .
DOI : 10.1111/jace.13783

[3] M. Hunault, J.-L. Robert, M. Newville, L. Galoisy, and G. Calas,
"Spectroscopic properties of five-coordinated Co2+ in phosphates,"
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 117 406-412 (2014).
DOI : 10.1016/j.saa.2013.08.021

[2] M. Hunault, G. Calas, L. Galoisy, G. Lelong, and M. Newville,
"Local Ordering Around Tetrahedral Co2+ in Silicate Glasses,"
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 97 [1] 60-62 (2014).
DOI : 10.1111/jace.12709

[1] M. Hunault, H. Takesue, O. Tadanaga, Y. Nishida, and M. Asobe,
"Generation of time-bin entangled photon pairs by cascaded second-order nonlinearity in a single periodically poled LiNbO3 waveguide,"
Optics Letters, 35 [8] 1239-1241 (2010).
DOI : 10.1364/OL.35.001239

Invited talk in international conferences (1)

[1]M. Hunault, et al.
Colors of the rose of the Sainte Chapelle of Paris
Society of Glass and Technology Annual Meeting
2016 - September - Sheffield (UK)

Talks in international conferences (9)

[9]M. Hunault, V. Vercamer, A. Juhin, M.-A. Arrio, C. Brouder, G. Calas, and M. Haverkort
Tracking the signature of low symmetry environments in the XAS K pre-edge
2015 - 23-28 September - Karlsruhe (Germany)

[8]M. Hunault, F. Bauchau, C. Loisel, M. Hérold, and G. Calas
Combining optical and x-ray absorption spectroscopies: application to medieval stained glasses
Glass and Optical Materials Division and Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft Joint Annual Meeting 2015
2015 - 16-21 May - Miami (FL, USA)

[7]M. Hunault, F. Bauchau, C. Loisel, M. Hérold, M. Newville, G. Calas
Reducing manufacturing conditions of medieval blue glass revealed by µ-XANES
Synchrotron Radiation and Neutrons in Art and Archeology
2014 - 10-12 September - Paris (France)

[6]M. Hunault, G. Calas, L. Galoisy, C. Loisel, F. Bauchau, M. Hérold
Medieval Stained Glasses: from spectroscopy to history
Glassac 14 –
2014 - 10-12 September - Durham (United Kingdom)

[5]M.Hunault, G. Calas, and A. Juhin
Color of Co2+ in alkali borate glasses: revisiting Paul and Douglas
Joint Meeting DGG – GOMD, 2014/05/25-30, Aachen (Germany)

[4] M. Hunault, G. Calas, L. Galoisy, G. Lelong, and M. Newville
Local ordering around divalent cobalt in silicate glasses
Living Glass - 2013
2013 - 11-13 September - Cambridge (United Kingdom)

[3]M. Hunault, Calas G., Cormier L., Galoisy L., Lelong G
Spectroscopic studies of Co2+ in oxide glasses
23rd International Congress on Glass (ICG)
2013 - 1-5 July - Prague (Czech Republic)

[2]M. Hunault, G. Calas, L. Galoisy, M. Hérold, I. Pallot-Frossard, and C. Loisel
From minerals to Middle Ages stained glasses: the role of Co2+ speciation in the blue color
1st European Mineralogical Conference
2012 - 2-6 September - Frankfurt/main (Germany)

[1]M. Hunault, L. Galoisy, and G. Calas,
Optical spectroscopy of cobalt in oxide glasses
International Conference on the Chemistry of Glasses and Glass-Forming Melts
2011 - 4-8 September - Oxford (United Kingdom)

Seminar (2)

[1] Department of Chemistry, University of Utrecht
Spectroscopic study of Co2+ in glasses: a structural probe
2014 - 3 June - Utrecht (The Netherlands)

[2] Wigner Research Centre for Physics, University of Budapest,
Spectroscopic studies of Co2+ speciation in minerals and glasses,
2013 - 2 February - Budapest (Hungary).

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