Fonction :

laueX is a program dedicated to the simulation and indexation of Laue diagrams.
It is easy to use due to its graphical user interface based on X-Window menus.

Mandatory ressources :

laueX can run on Unix/Linux machines equiped with a C compiler, X-Window and Motif libraries
(under Linux install libXt-devel and openmotif-devel packages).
To use it, it is necessary to be logged on a screen supporting X-Window or on a X terminal.

Documentation :

A French documentation and an English one are included in the distribution.

You may also read the following publication :

LaueX: a user-friendly program for the simulation and indexation of Laue diagrams on UNIX systems.
Journal of Applied Crystallography, Vol. 29 (1996) 509

Distribution :

Sources of the program are freely available (without guaranty) using ftp, in the form of a tar file :
laueX1.8.tar.gz from the external network, or laueX1.8.tar.gz from the local network.
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