Useful links

Scientific softwares

CPMD | Code designed to perform ab initio MD with plane wave/pseudopotential implementation of DFT.
GROMACS | GROningen MAchine for Chemical Simulations is a free MD software that simulates the Newtonian equations of motion for systems with hundreds to millions of particles.
Plumed | Open source plugin for free energy calculations in molecular systems.
Orca | Electronic structure program package, featuring a wide variety of quantum chemical methods.
VMD | Free molecular modelling and visualization computer program.


APOD by NASA | Astronomy Picture of the Day features each day a different image or photograph about astronomy.
NatGeo photo of the day | Every day National Geographic features a new photograph and their story.
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell | YouTube channel created by a Munich-based collecive posting very interesting (and pretty!) videos about science, space, technology, biology, history and philosophy.
Pictoline | [In spanish] News and Infographies of general interest explained with very nice illustrations.