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Birthdate: 02/02/1976

Director of Research @ CNRS

Curriculum vitae Geobiology group
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Université Pierre et Marie Curie et CNRS

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T 22-23, 5 eme étage, Case postale 115,

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75252 Paris cedex 05



Tour 23 – Couloir 23/22 – 5e étage


Nouvelles / News

¤ Paper by Li et al on Biomineralization patterns of intracellular carbonatogenesis in cyanobacteria: Molecular hypotheses Open access Pdf

¤ Paper by Miot et al on Mineralogical diversity in Lake Pavin: connections with water column chemistry and biomineralization processesOpen Access pdf

¤ Paper by Iniesto et al on Involvement of microbial mats in early fossilization by decay delay and formation of impressions and replicas of vertebrates and invertebrates. Open Access pdf
¤ Paper by Bernard et al on Evolution of the macromolecular structure of sporopollenin during thermal degradation as documented by infrared, Raman and C-XANES spectroscopies. Open access Pdf

  Research interests

   Study of interactions between microorganisms and rocks, such as the formation (biomineralisation) or alteration of minerals. These interactions can result in the fossilization of traces of life that can be looked for in the geological record. In that regard, we also study the fate of organic carbon composing such fossils during diagenesis and metamorphism.
Right now, my main interest is on carbonate biomineralization by cyanobacteria (see short summary here). We also have ongoing projects on the formation of Ca and Fe-phosphates by bacteria



Professional experience

     Since 2012: Director of Research at CNRS, Institut de Minéralogie et Physique de la Matière Condensée, Paris
     2003-2005: Postdoctoral Fellow, Surface and Aqueous Geochemistry Group, G.E. Brown Jr, Stanford University


Students and Postdocs

  • Nina Zeyen, PhD (Oct 2013-): "Fossilization of cyanobacteria" - ERC Calcyan
  • Marine Blondeau, Postdoc ERC Calcyan
  • Aude Margot Coutaud, , Postdoc ERC Calcyan
  • Sara Rivas, PhD (Oct 2013-): Role of bacteria in the geochemical cycle of Phosphorus - Contrat doctoral GRN

Former students and postdocs:

Teaching and Conferences (Pdfs and videos)

Radiochronologie Archéenne, Ecole du Teich, Exobiology for PhD students. Video.
Processus de Fossilisation,
Ecole du Teich, Exobiology for PhD students. Video.
"Le cristal et le vivant: rencontre de la cristallographie et de la microbiologie", journée "La cristallographie une clé de la connaissance" at UNESCO, Paris January 22. 2014. Vidéo.
Qu'est ce que la Géomicrobiologie, L3 ENS Paris: cours 1, cours 2, cours 3
"Study of Interactions between life and minerals by TEM", Summer School in Tubingen, 08/2011. Pdf
"Innovative techniques for the study of mineral – biosphere interaction", Summer School in Campiglia Marittima, 09/2011. Pdf
"Iron Biomineralization by bacteria: a nanoscale perspective". Lecture given at the Institute of Biology in Bucharest. Video1 and video2
"Biomineralogical study of stromatolites at the nanoscale" Lecture given at the Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary. Video1  and video2